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Someone once wrote,” That all people die, but few really live.” I believe for the most part that is true, I do also believe that the people in the TG community could wear that saying as a badge of honor as we are the few who truly live, thanks to the help and support of CDI. As we move closer to our Independence Day, we should all take a moment to reflect and thank our fore fathers who fought and gave their lives for all our freedoms. We should also give an even bigger thanks to the people who are working tirelessly each day to protect our freedom in this community, which is always in a constant threat of being eviscerated. We as a community have made great strides, and must never take any of them for granted .There are still way to many people in this country who would like to annihilate each and every one of us. We must never give them that pleasure. It is these very people who want to make us believe that finding the fem part of ourselves and living that way makes us weird. What I’ve come to learn is it really makes us all is special? I never knew just how special until I too became a part of that world.

For me it started almost two years ago in June on a crystal clear sunny day. The day started out just like any other but by the end of the day my life would be changed forever. I had a planned a simple transformation, a makeover from boy to girl. Why did I chose to do this at that time in my life considering up until that point in my fifty-two years of living I had never worn a stitch of woman’s clothing? That’s my million dollar question. So, what propelled me to do this? To this day I believe it was the girl in me calling out to be set free. Whatever it was, when the makeup was applied, the clothes were all picked, and the wig placed on my head: all I knew from that day forward was, that’s the day Dalana was born.

If I had gone through my entire life as Dylan and never found Dalana then I would be able to say unequivocally knowing what I now know, is that I had not truly lived up until that point, but since I found her, I am now able to say categorically I have lived, and every day with Dalana is a gift from God far greater than I ever deserved. She completes me in every way. Dalana makes my life worth living, gives meaning to who I am. She has made me a better guy and is a constant source of inspiration, but most of all always reminding me not to take it all so serious. In my discovery of her, I also discovered in the city of New York a respite for the people who dare to challenge the gender barrier.

In the center of this great metropolis, within the city that never sleeps is such place for people like us and it’s simply call CDI. (Cross Dresser’s International) This isn’t just place to change from boy mode to girl, and back again. It’s a safe refuge from the bitter cold world where anyone can come and be who they want. If that wasn’t enough they also provide a meal fit for a king, (or in our cases a queen) in a surrounding that anyone can truly call home. The people who run this operation do it with unconditional love, and kindness far greater than I deserve, but like all the girls who grace their temple they should know how grateful we all are. To Nancy who provides this sanctuary and President Cleo who makes sure things always run smoothly and the rest of the group, what can anyone say, “Except thanks.” If every year in a dog’s life is 7 years then finding Dalana at 52 would make her around 14 as she celebrates her second birthday. That would explain her zest for life, and crazy desire for boys. She’s lucky to be born in the body of a man who knows how to keep her in check but understands she has a lot of time to make up for.

The difference between the the girls of CDI and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is, she had to click her heels three times to find out there was no place like home, where the girls of CDI can click any heels they like day or night, and know there is no place like CDI. Thanks Guys and Dalana can’t wait for her next birthday when she’s three.


About cdinyc2012

Crossdressers International Incorporated is a member-supported adult transgendered group focused on support and social activities, serving the New York City metropolitan area. CDI is qualified as a non-profit corporation under section 501(c) 7 of the federal tax code. In the beginning, as stated in “Our History”, our founders envisioned CDI to be an all inclusive, welcoming haven for those seeking to come to terms with their transgendered nature. While the majority of our members and friends identify as cross dressers, we have served as a refuge for those who identify as transsexual, drag queen, and gender queer as well. Historically, our focus has been on the m-f crossdresser/transgendered. However, we do welcome those who identify from the f-m experience. While many of our members are long time comfortable with their transgender identity, we have never lost sight that our basic mission is to stand ready to provide a welcoming sanctuary for those who are taking their very first steps of self discovery. We know from our own experience that this can be a frightening time for those who have been closeted. The fear of loss of family, friends, employment, and standing in ones community can be overwhelming. And all for merely being gender different. Even today in our changing times the fear of discovery, ridicule, and worse can be terrifying for those who are attempting to safely practice their gender expression. WE are here for you. We make no claims of being “expert” in any matters, yet through our individual and collective experience we are highly knowledgeable. CDI also serves as a resource center where we can direct you to qualified professionals should that be desired. In short, we believe that groups like ours help to save lives. Sometimes just a welcoming smile and spoken kindness can be enough to assure someone (and maybe that’s you!) that they are not alone. For whatever reason each of us were dealt this hand from birth. For years many of us have considered it a curse. At CDI we believe that once liberated from the isolation of the closet that in time you will come to see your own transgenderism as a “gift”. So whether experienced or not, come - We welcome you, and we exist for you!

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